Our Facility


Infinite Possibilities Counseling is located in the heart of Cookeville, TN. We are less than 1 mile from Tennessee Tech’s campus and very close to most local schools and churches.


The facility is in an old home, complete with a fireplace and large front porch. At IPC we pride ourselves on creating and maintaining a comfortable atmosphere where our clients can feel at home with us in a professional environment. We believe that we can create a thriving practice in a very relaxed setting and beautiful surroundings. Our house floods with natural light during the day creating an open and fresh atmosphere.


The house sits on 10th avenue and currently contains 6 professional offices, 1 main lobby, 1 restroom, a kids play therapy room, and a kitchen and receptionist area, as well as a large porch with plenty of comfortable seating.


Within our facility, we are able to work both independently and as a team. We hold group sessions, family sessions, couples sessions and individual sessions all within our own office space. Our clients are able to wait comfortably in the lobby or on the porch until their appointment, and we are equipped with the necessary technology to keep all conversations and files strictly confidential.


Each clinician also keeps games and toys on hand both in their office and in the lobby area. We are able to use these tools when working with small children, as we are very child friendly!


Each clinician is encouraged to decorate and bring apart of them self into their practice, and each office is maintained to the highest of standards.


Come and see us today! We hope you will feel at peace and find comfort throughout your time with us!